ADHD Signs

What Is ADHD?

To understand the signs of ADHD it is important that parents and teachers understand what ADHD is. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopment disorder, which results in children having difficulty paying attention and/or being hyperactive and impulsive with their actions and decisions. Some children have hyperactivity and impulsivity, others may only have inattentive symptoms, but both can cause issues at home, school, and elsewhere.

What Are The 10 Signs of ADHD You Should Look Out For In Your Child?

Dealing with children who have ADHD can be very challenging.  Children and families can minimize the compounding problems of untreated ADHD by getting it assessed and addressed earlier in life.  Here are 10 signs of ADHD that your child may exhibit:

1. Impatience during Conversations

Children with ADHD often have difficulty waiting for their turn during a conversation. They are very likely to grow impatient and interrupt the conversation to say their piece.

2. Volatile Emotions

ADHD children find it difficult to hold on to their emotions. They have sudden outbursts of different emotions which can be problematic for others to handle.  They often have difficulty tolerating frustration and can become irritable and angry.

3. Constant Fidgeting

Children who just cannot sit still exhibit one of the most common signs of ADHD. Teachers can find such students in their classroom who are always either roaming around the class or fidgeting with something in their hands. Your child may have difficulty sitting through family meals.

4. Failure to Complete Tasks

Children with ADHD may be very eager to start a new activity, but soon enough get bored of it and want to move on to the next. This inability to focus on one task often means things are left unfinished.  They may also struggle to start tasks that seem boring or require sustained mental effort.

5. Trouble Focusing

ADHD prevents the child from focusing their attention on a single task. Such children either get lost in their thoughts when they have to focus or busy themselves with something else like talking to others.

6. Inability to Follow Instructions

Children with ADHD often struggle with following instructions. They do not pay attention when the instructions are delivered or they forget parts of multi-step instructions. The lack of concentration leads them to make careless mistakes or not follow-through on directions.

7. Disorganized

Children with ADHD lose track of their tasks and other activities quite easily. They cannot differentiate between what task is more important and if they should do it first. They have difficulty planning and prioritizing. They may lose things because they are absent-minded about where they put them.

8. Memory Lapse

Forgetfulness is a very common sign for a child with ADHD. Their thoughts can be all over the place, which makes it very easy for some things to slip past without them noticing.  This is especially true for things that are not physically present or immediate.

9. Apparent disregard of others

Children with ADHD may not pay as much attention to the needs of others because they are distracted or impulsive and act without thinking.  These tendencies are often visible when they are unable to wait for their turn or are impatient when they want someone to listen to them.

10. Daydreaming

Some children with ADHD are quiet and withdrawn, appearing “spacy” or not responsive. They are often daydreaming, distracted by their own thoughts and not as aware of what is going on around them.

These signs are very common in children who may be experiencing ADHD, if you have noticed these in your children; reach out to an expert today. Learning how to manage it will make things easier for you and your child.

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