Adults with ADHD

Contrary to some popular beliefs, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not just a childhood disorder.  ADHD can appear in adults (formerly also known as ADD)and is a lifelong disorder, causing significant impairments in social, emotional, occupational, and academic functioning.


ADHD symptoms may begin to diminish later in life, but some people continue to have symptoms and impairment into adulthood.  Untreated ADHD can damage a person’s physical, psychological, and social wellbeing.  Adults suffering from ADHD may struggle with organization, time management, and following directions. Concentrating and finishing assignments, managing impulsivity, and coping with stress, agitation or impatience can all be very difficult for adults with ADHD.  ADHD symptoms can cause problems at school or work.  Adults may also struggle with relationships or social engagement.

People with ADHD may also experience sleep and anxiety issues, and the underlying issue of ADHD is too often missed or misdiagnosed.  Primary care providers, psychiatrists, and education providers must have enhanced training in the identification and management of ADHD.  Unfortunately, not all healthcare providers have sufficient training or experience in assessing or treating ADHD.


It’s a good decision to see an ADHD specialist if you’re an adult with ADHD or suspect you have ADHD but were never diagnosed.  Although there is no cure for ADHD, it may be controlled with medication, proper educational support, counseling, and support.  Medicine can significantly improve ADHD symptoms, and psychological treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) may also be beneficial to build skills for managing the disorder and address secondary issues such as low self-esteem, relationship issues, anxiety and depression.

If your ADHD is getting in the way of living your best life, do not hesitate to seek further evaluation and treatment.  We offer ADHD therapy and ADHD treatment, so call us at (833) 931-1716 to learn more when you are ready to take your first step towards healing.

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