What Is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorder is a type of mental disorder that is characterized by nervousness, panic, and fear. It affects one’s ability to function effectively and causes overreaction when something triggers their emotions. Anyone can be diagnosed with anxiety disorder but studies show women are more susceptible to this kind of disorder because of the instability of their hormones.

Several factors can lead to anxiety disorder such as stressful and traumatic occurrences, chemical imbalance, hereditary, and health conditions such as arrhythmias and environments.

What Causes New Dads to Develop Anxiety Disorder?

No one is 100 percent prepared for the journey of parenting. Just like new moms, new dads experience postpartum anxiety disorder as well. Being a new dad comes with lots of responsibilities that could be the basis of anxiety disorder. Some of the causative factors are disrupted sleep patterns, new financial responsibilities, feeling disconnected from the baby and mother, and spending less time with one’s partner.

How Do I Know If My Husband Has Postpartum Disorder?

As a new mom, you might be too focused on your newborn which is normal, however, you must check up on your husband as well. You should watch out for the following symptoms in your partner to know if he is experiencing anxiety disorder;

  1. Increased irritability
  2. Increased use of alcohol or drugs
  3. Detached from friends and family
  4. Lack of concentration
  5. Inability to relax
  6. Demonstrating suicidal behavior

If anxiety is getting in the way of living your loved ones living the way they want, do not hesitate to help them reach out.  Well Coast Medical has mental health specialists that are ready to help! We offer anxiety therapy and anxiety treatment for your loved ones, so call us at (833) 931-1716 to learn more about how we can help your family.

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